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Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney in Marietta, GA

Unfortunately, every year cyclists are involved in a large number of accidents on the roads in and around Marietta. Even if you wear a cycle helmet and ride defensively, it’s still possible to end up involved in a nasty incident which leaves you injured and with a badly damaged bike. In these circumstances, a specialist bicycle accident lawyer is essential in order to get the compensation and that’s due to you. As skilled legal advisers with particular expertise in bicycle injury, we’re ideally placed to help.

Compensation for Your Bicycle Injury

Whereas motorists and truck drivers are surrounded by a protective metal box, cyclists are exposed and extremely vulnerable. Even at low speeds, if you’re a cyclist and get involved in an accident, it’s horribly easy to end up with severe injuries which are potentially life-changing. Prompt legal action is essential in order to get you the money you need to settle your medical bills and pay the bills until you’re able to work again.

It’s Always Worth Seeing if Our Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Many people who’ve been involved in an accident are reluctant to take their case forward, worrying that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support their claim or that they will somehow be found negligent themselves. It’s always worth coming to talk to us to find out your available options. In a surprising number of cases, our team will be able to put together a strong compensation case, even if the accident was some time ago or there aren’t many witnesses to vouch for what happened.

Supportive and Committed Bicycle Accident Attorney Serving the Community in Marietta

We know that going through the legal system can be stressful, even if you have right on your side. Our supportive team does everything they can to ensure every client is aware of what will happen and is suitably prepared at every stage of the proceedings. To find out more about our services or to book an appointment.

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