Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney
Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney
Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Lawyer Specializing in Truck Accidents

The enormous size and weight of a large truck means that when it’s involved in an accident, the damage is likely to be severe. Many trucks weigh in at more than forty tons, often resulting that whatever they’ve collided with coming out far worse. A standard car or even a pickup truck frequently weighs less than a fifth of this amount, so are no match if a collision occurs. The risks are even greater if the truck is carrying hazardous cargo: chemicals, toxins or flammable materials such as diesel or oil, all pose additional dangers when an accident takes place. If you have been injured due to a truck accident and it wasn’t your fault, you should pursue the compensation you deserve. To maximize the chances of obtaining the money that you’re entitled to, an attorney that has particular expertise in truck and tractor-trailer accident compensation claims is a must.

Getting the Results You Crave

In order to pursue a claim for compensation, it’s first necessary to show that you did not cause or contribute to the accident. It must be shown that the driver or some preventable, known condition of the truck caused the accident. Once fault for the accident is established, it must be shown that the injuries claimed resulted solely due to the wreck. Once these things have been proven, skillful negotiations determine the correct level of compensation.

To prove negligence, the following sources of information are often useful:

  • The speed of any vehicles involved in the incident.
  • Whether any of the vehicles suffered from mechanical faults or a lack of servicing.
  • The driving record of the drivers involved.
  • The log book and black box relating to the truck driver and vehicle involved.
  • Any corroborating evidence from eye witnesses, passengers or emergency services crew members.
  • The location of the accident and details on the position of the vehicles and what damage was sustained during the collision.

This data can be used to help put together a strong case. The sooner you hire an attorney to act on your behalf, the more rapidly they can begin working on your case. Particularly where eye witnesses are involved, timely interviews from a skilled legal professional can ensure that important information that could be of use isn’t lost due to forgetfulness or failure to ask the right questions.

It’s Not Just the Driver Who Could Be Sued

Once your legal team begins to investigate the case, it may become apparent that other agents besides, or instead of, the driver were negligent. This gives the opportunity to pursue additional compensation claims, often against the hauling company, truck maintenance company or whoever checked the vehicle for road worthiness. If the driver was acting in the course and scope of employment (“respondeat superior”), the trucking company can be sued for the actions of its employees. A skilled attorney is often needed to demonstrate respondeat superior, as companies have a number of arguments they use to try and avoid taking responsibility for the actions of their drivers. If it can be shown that the accident was caused by an avoidable fault with the truck, the manufacturer could potentially provide compensation. Even the company who provided the cargo in the truck may be liable if the cargo was inappropriately stored, labeled or managed, causing a fire or toxic spill when the accident occurred. These are just a few examples of things we look for when investigating your claims.

With the right legal assistance, obtaining compensation is a relatively straightforward process which has a high chance of success. If you or a relative has been injured in a truck accident and it’s not your (or their) fault, it’s time to talk to an experienced attorney about investigating your claim as soon as you can. With the right assistance, it’s often possible to get the compensation you deserve, quickly and easily.

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