Workers Compensation Attorney in Marietta GA

9 Dec, 2013 SMB_Lawyer

If you’ve been injured on the job, the rules of getting compensated are very complex. You’re in pain and frustrated. The deadlines are elusive; and your rights may not be known unless you have a workers compensation attorney in Atlanta to help with each aspect or the process.
An attorney will help in many ways. First, they know all the looming filing deadlines. Many cases are thrown out because the allotted time, usually a year, has passed and the claim can no longer be pursued.
Monetary compensation is just one benefit. An experienced attorney will also help you find treatment for an injury, all the while receiving payment. The case can be wrapped up after the treatment is completed and then the attorney will work to come to a settlement.
Most people do not know the correct procedure for reporting an injury. There are tight rules for notifying the right people, finding a doctor, and documenting who you spoke to and when. That is why having an attorney on your side is so beneficial. Having experience in the field means you get professional advice every step of the way, and won’t trip up on any unexpected deadline or filing requirements.
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