Should You Call A Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Marietta?

Should You Call A Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Marietta?

10 Dec, 2014 SMB_Lawyer

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you are lucky to be alive. Tractor trailers are extremely dangerous and cause far too many deaths each year. With the average large commercial truck weighing around 80,000 pounds compared to 3,000 pounds for the average automobile, even a minor tractor trailer accident can have disastrous consequences.

How To Prove Your Case

When you are trying to prove your case after a trucking accident, legal liability is defined as negligence. To determine whether you have a case or not a tractor trailer accident attorney should look at the details of the trucking accident to determine if there is enough cause to show that the driver of the tractor trailer breached a duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances of the accident which then resulted in the injuries sustained to you.

The problem with establishing negligence is that the longer you wait, the harder it is. It is important to begin investigating the details of the accident as quickly as possible to ensure that no evidence is lost. Some information that could be extremely important to your case include the speed of your vehicle as well as the truck, maintenance records of the truck, driver’s log books, eye witness testimony from first responders as well as any one who may have witnessed the accident. By gathering all of this vital information, you can ensure that you have your best chance at winning a case against a tractor trailer driver that may have been driving erratically which led to your truck accident.

Do Tractor Trailers Have Black Boxes?

Another vital part of a tractor trailer accident investigation is what is called a “black box” in the industry. You likely have heard of “black boxes” when it comes to airline accidents, but these boxes also exist on certain tractor trailers. These boxes can provide vital information including data before, during as well as after the accident.

Who Is Responsible For A Tractor Trailer Accident?

The responsible parties for a tractor trailer accident can be quite complex. Potential claims could be pursued against a variety of parties including the driver, the trucking company, mechanics, inspectors or even the trucking company’s insurance company. It is important to partner with an experienced tractor trailer accident attorney to understand how to approach the complicated process of determining responsibility in a trucking accident.

Have Questions? Contact Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Steven M. Barnett

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