When Is A Lawyer Required For A Workers Comp Claim?

When Is A Lawyer Required For A Workers Comp Claim?

13 Oct, 2014 SMB_Lawyer

The purpose of Georgia’s workers compensation laws is to help make sure that workers get compensated fairly for the various expenses associated with injury in the workplace — and they do this without identifying who is at fault for an accident. The result is that most workers can get immediate medical attention following an injury at work, that is, immediately after the employer has been notified that the accident occurred. It’s common for workers who need basic medical attention for a fairly minor injury to receive full medical care without needing to pay a bill or complete a claim form.

Sadly, not all injuries in the workplace are this straightforward. Many can involve serious injuries that take a great deal of time away from work. When the injuries are this serious, or if a claim is not being considered valid, victims of an injury need the assistance of an Atlanta workers comp attorney.

When A Lawyer Might Be Necessary

Here are a few examples of when someone who has been injured needs experienced legal help to aid with the claim:

Workers Comp Denied Claims

– the insurance claim or your employer might deny the claim if they think it is invalid. It’s true, according to state law claims can be invalid in certain situations — if you were not actually injured while working or if your injury was the result of a pre-existing condition, they can deny your claim. Whatever the reason, if your claim has been denied you will not receive any workers comp benefits until you and your attorney can convince your employer or insurance company that they should pay, or until a judge tells them to pay.

Workers Comp Reduced Claims

– in this case, the employer or insurance company does not deny the fact of your injury, but may approve only part of the expenses in your claim. Good workers comp attorneys can help bring together the evidence needed to prove the complete value of your claim and then either appeal the decision or negotiate a settlement.

Occupational illnesses and injuries

– these are conditions which develop over time, rather than as the result of specific accidents. A number of groups, from laboratory workers who are exposed to toxic substances to office workers who develop repetitive strain injuries, commonly experience illnesses or injuries that cannot be attributed to specific accidents. For these cases, you normally need a skilled attorney who can navigate through the rules and pull together a case which proves your claims to the standard required by law.

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